Whoo Hoo! My first blog post!  This is the post that is supposed to make an impression, right? This is the one that draws in the public and has people wondering where I have been hiding all of these years.   I had hoped to create a blog post so amazing that I would wake up in the morning to hundreds of emails of people BEGGING me to help them with their next meeting or event.  The subject lines were going to say things like “Jill, We Need You!”  “Jill – I told my boss that I will quit if we don’t use you” and “You are re-defining the event-management industry!!!!”

Here’s the reality of it all: I just spent the past couple of days trying to figure out Widgets, Jetpacks, RSS feeds, figuring out how a POST is different from a PAGE etc.  So, in a nutshell I’M DONE. My brain is fried.  I have just about enough energy to throw some saltines and a jar of peanut butter at my family for dinner.  I’m going to bed and at this point, I’m just hoping for an email which is offering a discount on an oil change.


  1. Dude! We are totally using you when we have our wedding. I know, I know, we talk BIG. I have a feeling that maybe doing it next year, the big ONE-SEVEN, may be the time.

    • Its been almost 17 years and I STILL remember the promise I made – I will be bringing a Costco cake which says “Keep on Truckin’”
      I really do hope you guys make it official – I always love an excuse to indulge in Costco cake!

  2. Jill – I DO need you!!! This is awesome to be apart of your first Blog! And as always – you have made me laugh. Good luck and keep on bloggin…

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