Things you NEVER want to hear in your hotel room!

One complaint people have about hotel rooms is that because some walls are so thin, they can hear the people in the room next to them.    I’ve compiled a list of the Top Ten Things you don’t want to hear in the room next door.  Next time you hear noise while you are trying to watch that Facts of Life  re-run (oh sure- it was the only thing on), consider yourself lucky if you don’t hear any of these:




  10.  The band will be here in about 10 minutes for practice.






09.   “Thanks, Mom for letting me and my 10 friends have my slumber party in a hotel! ”






08.  “Why don’t you go clean yourself up?  I’ll leave your money on the nightstand.”





  07.  “Cooking on a Hibachi in here is a BRILLIANT idea, dude!”






   06“We’re gonna need more yellow police tape.”





    05.    “Dude! We can totally make bed-sheet parachutes and jump off the balcony” (presumably the same people who cooked with the Hibachi)






   04.  “Don’t leave your used needles in the room – go throw them in the ice machine down the hall.”






   03.  “OH MY GOD!  I had no idea that bed bugs were so freaking CUTE!”






   02.  “Doesn’t this guy on America’s Most Wanted look like the guy down at the front desk?






   01“Hey if you look through this hole in the wall you can see a guy sitting in his underwear watching a  Facts of Life re-run!”


REMEMBER: If you can hear them, then they can hear you!!!!