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 BIG NEWS!  I did it – I LEFT MY HUSAND AND KIDS.  There was much sadness but it had to be done.   OK….so I only left them for four days and the sadness was mostly mine (my daughter preferred to sleep-in and my son’s major concern was regarding what fantastic gift I will bring him).

My husband typically travels every week and I am the work-from-home Mom who takes care of the family.  The previous days were peppered with jokes regarding my husband’s inability to competently run the household. In front of my husband, I would remind my children to bathe at least once and be sure to put Daddy’s beer cans in the recycle bin.  I told my son that there is family of squirrels on the hill and I gave him permission to use his BB gun to kill them for dinner.  After all, the house will fall apart in my absence, right?

The reality is that things are going better than I want to admit.  Last night, I made the obligatory call to check-in (and ensure the house was still standing).  My son was too busy to talk to me on the phone.  My daughter was all giggles in the background as she played with her friend.   My husband was about to put chicken on the grill for dinner.  He also purchased avocados and apparently convinced my neighbor to make guacamole for him.

I read an article the other day about stay-at-home Dads.  According to the most recent census, there are 154,000 dads who stay at home.    I have to admit, I love the idea of my husband staying at home and me being the career spouse.  I used to have the attitude that keeping the household running and raising the kids is “woman’s work”.  Not because I am old-fashioned, but because I felt that a woman can give a level of nurturing and attention to a house better than a man could.   As my kids get older, I see them reaching out to my husband more than they ever did.   When he out of town, they will talk about the things they are going to do with Dad when he gets home.    So maybe it’s time to seriously consider increasing that number to 154,001.   Nothing would make me happier than trading places with my husband.  He works his ass off in his job which has allowed us to enjoy some luxuries (including me being able stay at home).   Granted, I don’t have the income to reasonably do this but I now have the willingness – which can sometimes be the biggest hurdle.

So, in the Fall, I will go back to school and continue to immerse myself in opportunities which will make me stronger in my career.

But for now, I think I need to call my husband and find out exactly what he did to convince my neighbor to make him guacamole….. (maybe I should stay home, after all……)


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