Many adults remember Lego toys being a mainstay of their childhood.  Even with the abundance of video games and other electronic gadets for today’s children, Lego still remains a popular toy.  Today’s kids can now have their Lego experience elevated to eleven thanks to the abundance of Lego sets available as well as the opportunity to visit the  Legoland theme parks and now the opportunity to stay at the newly-opened Legoland Hotel.

Located in Carlsbad, California and just STEPS from the entrance to the Legoland Theme Park, the Legoland Hotel is NOT your typical theme park resort hotel.   This hotel caters to children in such a way that makes it VERY parent-friendly!  Seriously, how many vacations have you had where you go back home and end up more exhausted rather than revived??  Your day at Legoland will begin WITHOUT any long lines or crowds because only hotel guests are allowed access into the park before normal operating hours.

Looking at the park entrance from hotel patio.
Looking at the park entrance from hotel patio.

Checking in at this hotel might prove to be a challenge for any adult with ADD.   With so many things to see and do just in the lobby, it is easy to get distracted.

Moving bike behind check-in desk.  The wheels are magnifying glasses.
Moving bike behind check-in desk. The wheels are magnifying glasses.

  And in true Lego fashion, there are interactive items all over the hotel.   I dare you to find everything in just one visit.  Once you are able to focus long enough to check-in, your children will receive a special map.  This map will require them to complete different tasks around the hotel in order to get a special code to unlock a safe which contains a prize.   Where is the safe located?  In your hotel room!

Safe located in an Adventure-Themed room.  Inside is a treasure if the kids can solve clues.
Safe located in an Adventure-Themed room. Inside is a treasure if the kids can solve the clues and figure out the code.

The hotel is 3-stories tall and each level has a theme: Castle, Pirate & Adventure.  The rooms at this hotel are not your typical hotel room.   The children’s area is right off to the side of the  room entrance.  This area contains 2 bunk beds and a pull-out  trundle, comfortably accommodating  3 kids.  Kids also have their own TV, complete with kid-friendly shows on demand.

A KID ZONE can be found in EVERY room.
A KID ZONE can be found in EVERY room.

At night, parents can rest easy in their own queen-size bed WITHOUT having to wait for the kids to fall asleep before they watch their favorite inappropriate-for-children show.

Did you have a busy day at the park or elsewhere in S. California?   Alrighty, then!    Head over to Mini’s Lounge at the hotel.   This lounge serves alcoholic beverages in the evening.  It is right by the interactive play area in the lobby, which features nightly entertainment.   Parents can grab a table and some drinks and relax while they watch the kids play in the interactive area or enjoy the live entertainment, geared towards children.

Part of the interactive play area in the lobby.
Part of the interactive play area in the lobby.

And crowds should not be too much of a concern.   Only hotel guests are allowed to enjoy this area of the hotel – no need to worry about local parents getting wind of this and spending their evenings enjoying the lounge while their kids are entertained by hotel staff.

Are you feeling a little bit depressed and need an affirmation?  Wash your hands in the lobby bathroom and a voice will tell you that you are a beautiful princess.

My favorite part of the hotel?  The elevator.  Yup.  Normally considered to be a convenient way to just get from one floor to another, the hotel designers were not content to keep this as a stainless steel box, peppered with advertisements.  Instead, they have created a mood-enhancing lift which will have even the most weary travelers smiling and shaking their booties.   Upon entering, standard soft elevator music can be heard.  Once the doors close, the volume is turned up, disco music starts playing and the unobtrusive, lighted disco ball on the ceiling starts spinning.   For this reason alone, I would recommend a room on the 3rd floor so this experience can last as long as possible.


Located just a couple of miles of Interstate 5, the Legoland hotel is a fantastic choice for any families who want to spend just a night away from home or are looking for a home base for their S. California vacation.   Sea World and the San Diego Zoo are about 40 minutes to the south, Disneyland is about 45 minutes to the north and the beach is just 3 miles west.

The Legoland Hotel definitely knows what needs to be done in order to give kids a once-in-a-lifetime experience as well as making sure that parents are comfortable and relaxed.   And the trip will be something you can hold over their heads for a long time.  “What do you mean you haven’t done your chores??  Looks like someone never wants to go to the Legoland Hotel ever again…”

Yup!  It's an interactive whoopie cushion.  Even Lego realzies that fart noises are a hit with kids.
Yup! It’s an interactive whoopie cushion. Even Lego realizes that fart noises are a hit with kids.

Be sure to contact me if you would like to see more of my pictures,  make reservations or learn more about hotel, meal & ticket packages available.   I live close to Legoland and the hotel and can assist you with any questions you may have about Legoland or the  surrounding area.