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Having trouble thinking of some great gifts for a loved one that frequently travels? Maybe you need to find a killer gift for someone in an attempt to suck up to them so you can get a promotion.  Either way, if you are shopping for someone who travels on a fairly regular basis, consider these items.  The recipient will be reminded of your awesomeness every time these items are used.  Please note that this is an unbiased list.  None of the companies mentioned have paid me to endorse their product (and I am not above endorsements so if you represent any of these products, feel free to reach out to me )


1218 (5)Annual Membership into an airline club ($400-$500)  Waiting for your flight has never been so awesome!!   Major airports are peppered with these exclusive clubs.   Guests can enjoy comfortable seats and couches, complimentary beverages & snacks, showers, and an endless supply of power outlets for recharging.  Most have bars and sell hot food.  They even have soundproof rooms with televisions and computers so kids can have fun and you won’t have to listen to them!   Most clubs allow the member to bring in 2 guests with them. They will usually allow more than 2 if you have children under 18.


Sorry for the creepy pic!
Sorry for the creepy pic!

Bose Quiet Comfort 15 Headphones ($300) – These headphones do a phenomenal job of eliminating a lot of the noise associated with the airplane engine. They have excellent sound quality if you want to listen to music or watch a movie but they work great even if you are not listening to anything.  I will sometimes sit in my seat and repeatedly turn the headphones on and off just so I can hear the difference.  Yes, I am easily amused.   Now you won’t have to listen to the flight attendant as she tries to sell the $4.00 crappy ear buds to the other passengers. American Airlines offers these to Business and First Class passengers on their Signature Service flights.  Your loved one can be as awesome as those people while sitting in coach.


1218 (3)TempurPedic Neck Pillow ($79) – These types of pillows are sold in airport stores as well as other retail stores for a fraction of the price.  However, this TempurPedic pillow is not just a piece of fabric stuffed with some crappy fibers.  This pillow has the memory foam and conforms to the neck and shoulders of the user, rather than wearing some awkward bubble on the neck.

1218 (2)Xpress Spa Gift Certificate ($25++) – Xpress Spa is a chain of spas located in major airports worldwide.  This is a perfect gift for the traveler who needs to get a manicure on-the-go or perhaps would benefit from a nice massage or facial before getting on a long plane ride. Delayed flights are perfect time to get one’s “southern” regions waxed.  These can be purchased online at


1218 (1)Coffee Items ($10-$50) – While most hotel rooms offer a portable coffee maker, the reality is that the coffee they provide is just awful.   Consider purchasing some Starbucks (or a favorite brand) filter packs. These will allow the traveler to make a nice cup of coffee in the hotel room.  (Side benefit: if the traveler has a cocaine addiction, the scent of coffee will throw off the drug dogs that regularly sniff luggage in the airports.)  A portable French Press is another great idea for the coffee aficionado.  Because let’s be honest – most people are frighteningly ugly in the morning and have no business going to the lobby to get a cup of coffee.

1218 (8)Travel Candle Tin ($10) – Don’t have a lot of money to spend on a gift?  Purchase a scented travel candle tin and a lighter.  Travelers can relax at night in their room and enjoy a comfortable scent while winding down. (Please note: I am not responsible for any fires that may occur)


1218 (7)Magazine Subscriptions & Puzzle Books ($10+) – With so much down time in the airport, on the plane or in a hotel room, it’s nice to have a magazine to read.  They also make great dining companions when people feel awkward about eating alone and don’t want to touch their electronic devices with their greasy fingers.  A magazine says: “I’m happy to dine alone because it allows me time to engross myself in this magazine and I look like an educated person rather than a hipster douchebag who can’t sit through a meal without checking emails or Facebook updates.”  Sudoku and crossword puzzles are a popular airport companion as well.  If you happen to know someone who has the patience for Word-Find puzzles, then definitely stock them up with those!


1218 (6)Creepy Eye Mask ($10+)  If you are buying for someone with a sense of humor, this is the way to go.  The mask eliminates any light, allowing for a better sleep. Meanwhile, the people surrounding you on the plane, train, or wherever you are will be totally freaked out.  Hilarious!


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