For couples of ANY age, saying “I DO” or renewing vows on Disney properties is an event that your guests will ALWAYS remember.  Disney takes the “WOW FACTOR” and multiplies it by infinity!

There are multiple options for planning your perfect day and Proto Planning is equipped to help you throughout the process.

The Disney Aulani resort in Hawaii has an expanded lawn enabling you and your guests to take in the beautiful Hawaiian views while committing to your one true love.  The Wedding Pavillion in at the Magic Kingdom in Florida and the lawns at the Disney hotels in California offer amazing settings for your perfect day.  How about a wedding at sea aboard one of the popular Disney Cruise Ships?  Want to have your wedding at Sleeping Beauty’s castle?  We can arrange that!!!

The options for a Disney wedding are endless.  From Royal Footmen to a Disney Princess-inspired gown designed by Alfredo Angelo, you will definitely have a memorable start to your “Happily Ever After.”

And speaking of “Happily Ever After”, let’s peel back some layers and have a little fun examining some of the more famous Disney couples.  For better or for worse, these relationships have stood the test of time…..

thLR7IHNRJMICKEY & MINNIE MOUSE – Who says you need to put on a ring on it in order to be happy?  This duo has been together for 86 years as boyfriend & girlfriend.  While you may see pictures of them in wedding garb, they have never actually been married. They could show up at your Disney Dream Wedding (which can be booked through Proto Planning) and will be sure to wish you well, but they apparently see no need to walk down the aisle.  They also have supposedly never had children.  The gestation period for a mouse is only 21 days so it is possible that Minnie birthed a litter in secret.    It’s also worth noting that they sleep in their own respective homes at night.   Perhaps that’s why they have lasted over 86 years and seem to be going strong!

Must be nice to be able to sleep without someone snoring next to you.
Must be nice to be able to sleep without someone snoring next to you.


And another thing.... LEAVE THE TOILET SEAT DOWN!!!
And another thing…. LEAVE THE TOILET SEAT DOWN!!!

DONALD & DAISY DUCK – These famous ducks have been together since 1940.  Like Mickey & Minnie, they have eschewed the notion of marriage.  Some people (like myself) are concerned at times that this isn’t the healthiest relationship.  They are a text-book example of the over-bearing female who is with the pushover male.  Granted, Donald does have a bad temper at times but when it comes to Daisy, he always seems concerned about pleasing her.  I imagine that behind closed doors, things are not perfect.   I’ve thought at times that maybe Donald stays with her because she is a Trophy Duck.  She’s definitely a cutie and has a great sense of fashion but she has lately been portrayed as one who can be very selfish and a bit abusive (verbally and possibly physically).

Oh Donald.   How did you set her off this time??
Oh Donald. How did you set her off this time??


BTW - How do glass slippers NOT break?
BTW – How do glass slippers NOT break?

CINDERELLA & PRINCE CHARMING – Thanks to Grimm Fairy Tales, this duo has been setting unrealistic expectations of happiness & marriage for over 400 years.  Disney’s movie featuring this romantic couple is almost 75-years-old.   Lucky Cinderella hasn’t had to clean a dish or be forced to befriend a mouse (no offense, Mickey) in a long time.  Since only Cinderella and Charming were declared to be living “Happily Ever After” it’s a safe assumption that her step-sisters are as ugly and single as ever and her step-mom is living in one of the lower-rated nursing homes in the area.

What do you mean Bingo night is cancelled??
What do you mean Bingo night is cancelled??

Beauty-and-the-Beast[1]BEAUTY & THE BEAST – This tale that’s “old as time” has actually been around for just under 300 years. It wasn’t until Disney put it on the big screen in 1991 with talking teapots and candlesticks that people realized it was actually acceptable to fall in love with your kidnapper.  This relationship pre-dates The Stockholm Syndrome, which obviously should be renamed the “Beast-That-Transforms-Back-Into-Gorgeous-Rich-Prince Syndrome.”

Wow! He does clean up nicely!!!
Wow! He does clean up nicely!!


My true love is actually a princess?!? Well that certainly makes things a lot easier!
My true love is actually a princess?!? Well that certainly makes things a lot easier!

SLEEPING BEAUTY AND PRINCE PHILLIP – Long story short, this duo was bethrothed to each other when they were little.  Due to Malificent’s ability to hold a grudge longer than an Italian Grandmother, Princess Aurora was forced to live away from her parents as a peasant girl and was destined to fall into a deep sleep on her 16th birthday.  Prior to her birthday, she and Phillip meet and fall in love unaware of the previous arrangement their parents made.  OF COURSE Phillip’s parents will not allow him to be with what they think is a peasant girl. (THE HORROR!).  Once the curse is in effect and they realize that the Sleeping Beauty is Princess Aurora, Philip kisses his love, she awakens, and they get married like that same day.  Besides the abandonment issues Aurora likely with her parents, Philip has proven himself to be virtuous and this couple has lived happily since Disney released the movie over 50 years ago.


Clearly not all relationships are perfect but when you find your true love, it’s possible to conquer anything that may come your way.   After all, “Some people are worth melting for.”  (Did you think I would write this article and NOT include something from Frozen??)  Let me know how I can help you create YOUR memorable Disney experience!!


Jill Kraatz is a non-award-winning blogger.  However, she is a certified Disney Destination Specialist, having graduated from the Disney School of Knowledge.  Let her help you plan your next Disney Dream Wedding or vacation!