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Really? Travel Agents Still Exist??

When I tell people that I own a Travel Agency, I am often met with “I didn’t think Travel Agents existed anymore now that everything can be done online.”  While it is true that the internet has become an excellent tool in terms of allowing people to book their own vacations, there is a still a big desire for travel agents.

The biggest change is that there are really not any store-front agencies anymore. Most agents work out of their homes but they are as busy as ever.   While there are many people who are fine with booking their own vacations, there are others who would prefer to lean on an expert that they trust, to help them navigate the ins and outs of booking a vacation.

We are your navigators, your Trusted Partners in travel – we will help you find the best location, hotels or resorts at the best price.  And the bonus is that cruise lines, hotels and resorts pay commission to Proto Planning Travel without increasing the rate you pay.  So, you have the benefit of our expertise and help without having to pay for it!!

So, what’s your Bucket List Adventure and when do you want to go?

— Jill Kraatz Owner, Proto Planning Travel


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